Tailor Made




Product Info

This audio is made like a masterpiece just for you. We will work on your hypnotic audio having in mind your purpose, your representational system, your metaprograms, your language patterns, your sentences’ construction, and other linguistic variables such as pitch, loudness, timbre, intonation, stress, rhythm and many other things that make our audios absolutely invaluable and one-of-a-kind.

This includes one special session where we will do very detailed research on the aspects mentioned above. Nothing is made unintentionally.

If you are not sure about what fits you best, we have a special pack to create your own Tailor-Made Hypnotic Audio:

Tailor Made Basic: Coaching Session + 1 Hypnotic Audio (morning or night version depending on your biorhythm / circadian cycle)

Tailor Made Gold: Coaching Session + 2 Hypnotic Audios (morning and night versions)

Tailor Made Premium: Coaching Session + 2 Hypnotic Audios (morning and night versions) + Affirmations